Development: Planning our your Project Path


As I stated earlier, on the development, design, and optimization pages I will be using "websites" or "web application" as an illustration of building a project.

Gathering Data

The most important part of planning your project is brainstorming. In the beginning nothing should be off the table. The smallest craziest idea, the one you think may be the most insignificant, may actually lead you to the mainstay of your project.

If you are working alone bounce your ideas off someone else, anyone. Getting that initial feedback from a friend or colleague could help identify issues with your plan. If you are working in a team all the better! You'll have more people to draw ideas from and they are already familiar with the project.

On a side note: It is advisable not to completely discard any information or ideas you don't use in beginning . Many times even the most obscure or even weird idea can be manipulated into something that could blow your mind down the road.

Develop your UI Blueprint (Plan User Experience UX)

Okay, you got a good bit of info and a basic plan laid down. The next step(s) involve planning out the various components, features, user interfaces (UI), and technical aspects of the application.. Building the blueprint for our users experience will help us lay out what happens throughout project.

When working on a website or web application your are going to want to think in terms of "mobile first responsive". This being because 80% or your initial vists will be from something mobile - probably a phone or tablet. This is actually the modern approach to building any type of computer application.

This is where you will want to create a physical mockup or wireframe of your intended user interface. Creating a visual representation really does help and I would highly recommend it. Even the most dirty rough draft of your project can lead you to pinpoint grace areas and things to avoid.

Develop a Backend Blueprint

With the majority of websites this step will be roughly decided on what you pick to use as your content management system (CMS). If you are going to use a bloggin platform such as Wordpress, Drupal, or Joomla or ad more advanced website development tool such as Laravel, you wont need to worry so much about this process. All these systems build your database and supply you with the architecture you will need to hit the ground running.

I won't go into working with more advanced systems such as MERN or MARN now. If you have questions or are more interested in this topic please Contact Me

Need to Develop a Project?

  • Build a new Wordpress, Drupal, or Joomla Website
  • Develop a New Web App with Current Tech
  • Mobile App or possible Desktop Application

Bring a Project back to Life!

  • New Theme for your Site/Web App
  • ReDevelop or Design an Existing Application
  • Get Experienced Help on What to Do Next

Customized Application?

  • Build / Create a multi-platform Mobile App!
  • Cross-Platform Desktop Applications
  • General Questions Welcome!

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