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Website/WebApps, Mobile, and Desktop Systems

The process of developing, desiging and optimizing any type of computer application will never be black and white. It's like trying to tie the perfect knot. You have to measure loops and make sure you cross strings in just the right places.

Understanding how to culminate these processes into a masterpiece production is a skill. Take the time to build an application that both you and your users will enjoy.

Development Design Optimization - Welcome

Hello and welcome! Thanks for coming by! My name is DL

If you are looking for assistance with a project such as a website, web application, mobile app, or desktop production please contact me. I have been working in software development for 20+ years and there's not much I haven't seen or worked with!

Everything including the Kitchen Sink...

Anything on the web - everything from server administration to front-end UX design to full-stack platform development. I can help you understand the "how, what, where, and why" of modern search engine optimization before you throw money away on a bogus SEO agency.

I started my career building desktop applications in C, C++, and Java before the internet was a "thing". Now some of the most proficient desktop applications use modern internet technologies so you don't have to worry about operating systems - we can do that too!.

Over the past 5 years or so, I've been doing a ton of custom theming and template work. I do custom Wordpress and Drupal plugins and modules. I work with many clients with new technologies such as NodeJS, React, and Angular.

I have a lot of references and referrals if that's what you are looking and if you get with me I'll shoot you a list!

Communication & Teamwork

I really enjoy the entire process of working on a project. Part of that process is building client relationships.Those relationships become even more rewarding when you are communicating as team - bouncing ideas around, planning out front-end and backend design, and finally launching your project into production. I don't believe you can go wrong with great communication and with everyone on a shared goal.

I would love to work with you as a team, or join your existing team, and help move your project forward.

The best way to reach me is by Text or Calling @ 901.468.3813. You can also fill out my form by clicking here

What's this site about?

Sooo...this site is basically my playground. I test out things, develop and design concepts, and sometimes use it for advertising purposes. Right now there are really only 3 main pages - development, design, and optimization; although you may find more links to other things in the footer of this site. Those pages are a basic run down of how I tackle the processes of developing, designing, and optimizing projects for clients and myself.

Clicking the down arrow takes you to a site summary, then to a summary of my repertoire, next to my contact info, finally a small bit about application theming and web hosting.

There is NO content tracking on this site. I use one cookie and all that does is let me know if this is your first time here.

There is more about the site and me on the About page. I'll tell you why everything here is in greyscale too!

Browse around, read some, but again, if you need help please reach out and touch base. Have a great day!