Web Development, Design, & SEO Services

Theming, Development, & Optimization

Customize a theme personalized to your tastes! Develop a framework both for easy site administration and user experience! Optimize code, content, and structure for search placement!


Design customized images, fonts, and icons adding personality to your website

Make any FREE or PREMIUM theme your own!

Unique style is what theming all about!


Develop your outstanding web application on any CMS platform!

Start from the ground up or with an existing site or web application!

Develop a phenomenal user experience


Using Current web technologies is key to search optimization!

Optimize any website for Search Engines!

Build a new optimized application or website from the ground up!

Development Hosting Servers

Have a great idea for a website but don't have a domain or hosting space available? No worries! We can start building on your dream website immediately!

Once you sign up as a client you will have access to a subdomain and unlimited hosting space to get your website or application going.

With your development domain setup we can begin putting your project together without worry! You will have complete access to your website just as you would on your own domain.

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Please feel free to contact me with any request regarding any of my services.

I am always excited to work with new clients and always look forward to the next project.

I am also happy to assist you with idea development and anything tech related.

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About dlhines.net

My name is Daniel and I am the sole owner, editor, and developer of dlhines.net. I have been working with websites, graphics, and server side technologies since 2002. I have worked with almost every scripting language and content management system at the forefront of web development today.

I have helped many individuals and companies plan, design, and develop many different kinds of websites - automotive sales, social media platforms, simple blogs, and even small business eCommerce . I sincerely enjoy my work.

Please, I encourage you to call or text me at any time. You can also complete the contact form or message me through facebook (see Contact). I look forward to working with you!

Simple Philosophy

Finishing tasks in an optimal time-frame all the while keeping a focus on future progress to keep the cycle of growth for your website consistent.

Client relationships are built on exchanging ideas fluidly, working as a team, and promises kept. Completing your project depends on how we relate and how we work as a team, and ultimately everyone respecting deals that are made.