Development - Building an Effective Website or Web App

Website or Web App design will be built on top of your projects development. Development meaning, you will be putting together a foundation in which your entire website or web application will be built. But, development in itself is a word that means "progress". So this will also be a ongoing process...

Effective Development means Planning

In the beginning there should be a good bit of planning. You want to ensure that you build from a point that is scalable and that your site can be easily maintained. Down the line you will more than likely want to add functionality and move things around. When you begin with this in mind, it will make it much easier in the future to add new features and make changes with little time and cost.

For most people or small businesses the best way to approach your first web project would be to use a CMS or Content Management System. These are frameworks that do 90% or the heavy lifting for you. They are quick and easy to install a your web server. Most come with the common funtionalities built in, such as inline text editors, easy page creation, and even simple contact forms.

Some of the most common CMS platforms are:

These three platforms are the best on the internet. They even have plugins and modules that will allow you sell products and to operate a fully functioning store. If you need assistance with any aspect of working with your CMS, one of the above, or any other, please feel free to contact me!

The Process - Design, Code, and Content

Once again, development is a process. Three key factors to always keep in mind are design, code structure, and content. This is what makes up your website or web application.

Your Design and Visual Attraction

I was taught to keep your theme simple. Keeping graphics to a minimum will ensure quick page load times for all visitors no matter the device. It is also better to start off basic. Getting carried away on one aspect of design may waste time and not be as effective as you had hoped. You can always go back and touch-up your theme once you have everything wrapped up nicely.

Coding Structure

This is how your website or web application is built. What programming languages are you using? Are all the t's crossed and i's dotted in your code? Do you have any errors that could possibly haunt you later?

If you are using a CMS then you don't have to worry near as much as you do when you or another programmer builds your project from the ground-up. But, even the major content-management systems are not fool proof. If you have added or manipulated the underlying code structure of the CMS you surely need to make sure there aren't any holes in the system.

Content makes all the difference...

Content is what makes or breaks your website. A faulty web application can throw all your hard work down the tubes. This is not a guide on content (you can find that here). Merely how it plays in the development process.

Making sure that your design does not interfere with the flow of your content is important. If you use advertising tools like Google Adsense you do not want it to break the flow of your page or article.

Be careful of inline html that you may add to a page displayed by a CMS. Leaving tags unclosed and to many inline styles can hinder your efforst in SEO.


It is a good idea to sit down and work out a plan on how you will organize your website or web application before you begin development. Thinking about the different aspect of overall theme design, how you will layout your code or which CMS you will use, and of course the best way to display your content, can and will be critical in the end.

Remember too that development on websites and web applications isn't really ever will more than likely need to change things and add content in order to keep the continual rush of visitors happy!

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